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We Ensure Sustained Behavior Change And Drive Research And Training Programs


Pre Retirement Training

We help individuals adequately adjust to the challenges of retirement, have personal understanding of financial planning, manage their health and help them to appreciate types of business opportunities that are open to them.



We help managers and leaders abandon the perceptions that have defined their performance to date while giving them new tools for interpreting the realities of today’s agribusiness environment.


Financial Advisory

We provide financial advice or guidance to clients such as investment management, tax planning, and estate planning.


Marketing and Sales

We help identify your business target market and creating strategies for reaching those customers. We also help in detailing the strategies the business will use to sell products and services and increase revenue


About Us

Fivetwentyone Limited is a fast growing management consulting company, registered as a legal entity in Abuja, Nigeria on September 5, 2008. We are based in the United Kingdom and Africa, and offer cutting edge research, training and advisory solutions to a growing number of clients including large and small business organizations, financial institutions and government agencies. Our core areas of expertise include;

  • Business Strategy
  • Economics
  • Financial Services Consulting

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We Provide Real World Business Services

Since 2010, FIVETWENTYONE has consistently demonstrated ability and expertise in training several hundreds of professionals and equipping them with practical skills needed to solve “real world” problems at work.

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We work with a network of over 60 consultants and resource persons across the globe, managing outsourced research and training projects both locally and internationally and together with associates and partners have led and facilitated a number of research, training and capacity building projects for business organizations and government agencies, including Central Banks, Ministries of Finance, Ministries, Departments and Agencies and other Economic Regulators, Commercial Banks, Other Financial Service Providers, Oil and Gas Companies, and Multinational Companies.
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What People Say

Your commitment, passion. and delivery were really amazing. We had a great start and the speed as well as intensity with which we rolled out globally over 3 years was unbelievable.
Jeff Kane

CEO - Unified

We want to share the results of our Richardson seminar. it was a HUGE success! Rating a 5.73 on a scale of 6.0 - the highest rating a training program can have.

CEO - Plai Financial Institute

Thank you so much for the great training! For the first time ever I wasn't nervous going to a customer meeting—l had my plan and knew exactly what I was going to do.

CEO - Saxton

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Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision is to be a truly global Management Consulting firm, offering cutting edge research and training solutions to complex problems in business, governance, economics and financial services.

Our Mission is to add value to our clients by facilitating learning & development, innovation, efficiency, and result-oriented performance.

With a wide range of high calibre professionals cutting across several business-related disciplines including Accounting, Banking, Commercial Law, Finance, Economics, Information Technology, Management, Operations Research, and Statistics, our clients can draw from a multi-disciplinary approach to complex challenges and opportunities.

Information Technology
Commercial Law
Operations Research

Research and Training Programms


The analysis of economic events and forecasting lies at the core of modern economic policy making

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Pile and a stack of coins with technical chart of financial instruments. A concept about currency trading or investing which investors must analyse and make the right decision for optimal profits.

The aftermath of the 2007-09 global financial crises was the unanimous agreement by the international financial agencies

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Financial balance. Stable equilibrium. 3D image.

The severity of the financial crisis put a spotlight on the risks poses by large f‌inancial institutions in distress

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The main aim of this course is to provide an introduction to working with MATLAB (or Octave).

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A financial model is a model that represents in mathematical terms the relationships among the variables of a financial problem

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